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"Rising Dragon Fist" Chapter 2 "Getting into the Swing"-Kakashi had known from moment one that, if his introduction was anything to go by, Tazuna was going to to prove to be a mighty pain in the rear.

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Rising Dragon (Alt: Rising Dragon) is a 3 rd class supportive skill available as Sura. A successful Guillotine Fist will end the Fury status from this skill, but the other effects will still be active. If the player wishes to use Fury again while the this skill is active, Cast Time: None.

"Rising Dragon Fist" Chapter 1 "Intro/Discovery"-It seemed, at first glance, to be a rather average day in the world. To be specific, it was an average day within the Five Elemental Countries. The Shoryuken (literally Rising Dragon Fist and also known as the Dragon Punch) is an attack that rises high off the ground, punching upwards. Bonus points for spinning. A staple for shotoclones, along with the Kamehame Hadoken and Hurricane Kick.
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Welcome to Rising Dragon Martial Arts! Our school follows the heritage of the Chinese Shaolin temple. Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai brought together several kung fu systems, his family style of kung fu, as well as Chinese kenpo and tai chi systems in what he called, “Pai Lum” – the “White Dragon” Fist style.

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The Goshoryuken (Strong Rising Dragon Fist) is said to be the original Shoryuken, which is a more powerful variation of the regular Shoryuken. While this was the standard Shoryuken at the time the art was founded, the lethality of the move increases when the practitioner embraces the Satsui no Hadou. Surging Rising Dragon Fist) is one of Ryu's new moves in Ulitmate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, where Ryu charges himself up with Hadou energy to powerup a multi-hitting Shouryuuken that also fires a Hadoken into the air during the attack.

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The Shoryuken (literally "Rising Dragon Fist") is an attack that rises high off the ground, punching upwards (Bonus points for spinning.) A staple for Shotoclones, along with the Kamehame Hadoken and Hurricane Kick. One of the most popular forms of Anti-Air or Launcher Move attack in Fighting Games.

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